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Cerakote Firearm Coatings

professional firearm coating service

Owning a gun is something special to each gun owner. Being the responsible firearms owners that we are, we take care of our weapons and keep them in a well-maintained condition. Which is why, none of us like to see them getting scratched or scuffed. Which is why, you may be interested in having a coating applied to yours. At God, Guns, & Auto Inc., we can provide our clients with certified Cerakote firearm coatings, in the style of your choosing. They are going to give you many benefits and could be the best addition you make to your weapon today. So, get you and your firearm down to our store and we will be glad to give you the perfect coating for it.

Premium Cerakote Coating
Cerakote are a premium coating manufacturer, delivering a weapon coating like none other on the market. Made of a high-quality ceramic mix, it provides the same kind of strength that you could expect to find in any normal car or vehicle ceramic coating. That means, it is going to be highly resistant to scratching or chipping, protecting the metalwork so much better. At the same time, using the Cerakote firearm coating means that you will be able to take advantage of a range of different color options, as well as specific patterns and graphics. Few other gun coatings allow you so much customizability for the same level of surface protection.

Licensed Applicator
If you are looking for this particular coating in the city of Anchorage, then know that you can trust the job to us. We are a fully licensed applicator of Cerakote firearms coating and have the full certification for every one of their products. For such a great product, you want to make sure you are getting everything you expect to be getting. Which is why, there is no one better in town to provide you with Cerakote’s great products.

Design Options 
Whether you are a hunter or simply an enthusiast, your gun is a very special possession to you, which you have plenty of respect for. It is a personal item and so, deserves to be given a personal touch. Which is why, there is nothing better you could choose to use than a Cerakote firearm coating. That is because, the design options are wide, allowing you the choice between a plethora of different colors and tones, as well as certain types of pattern too.

Rust Removal and Proofing
One of the things that concerns any gun owner is the threat of rust. If your firearm is left to rust, it can seriously damage and weaken your gun, potentially making it unsafe to be using. Which is why, you need to be having it removed when you see it starting to form. That is something that we are more than capable of helping you with and we will even be able to rust proof your firearm, to protect it from any future rusting.

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