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Automotive Ceramic Coating

completed auto ceramic coating service

Once you have just purchased a new vehicle, or maybe after you have had our quality auto detailing service done for your car, you are going to want to find a way to protect it for as long as possible. You want to keep the great aesthetic from getting scuffed or scratch, and you want to reinforce the bodywork as best you can. For both of these things, you would benefit hugely from having a ceramic coating applied to the exterior of your vehicle. Which is why you should get yourself down to God, Guns, & Auto Inc. We can apply our premium ceramic coating material, to give you the very best protection for your beloved auto. And, you can bet that you are going to find the best prices anywhere in town, when you come down to us.

Premium Ceramic Coating
You can count on us to deliver you with the very best quality, because, like you, we are auto enthusiasts ourselves. We know what it means to want to find the best protection for our vehicles, which is why that is what we make sure we do. The ceramic coating that we use is of a premium standard, provided to us by leading brand names in the industry. Each one is guaranteed to give you all of the use that you need, without the premium price tag coming with it.

Protect Your Car’s Bodywork
The coating will be applied straight to the bodywork of your vehicle. Every inch of metal will be completely covered with the coating, with an even and consistent layer. Once it has been able to dry all over, it is going to harden significantly, leaving a barely noticeable casing around the entirety of your auto. That is going to give a lot more protection to your car’s bodywork, making it much more resistant to scratching, scuffing and even denting.

Maintain A Great Aesthetic
At the same time, once it has been applied, it is going to be virtually impenetrable. No damaging substances are going to be able to get through and cause any issues for the surface underneath. That includes everything, from water, to oil, even to bird poop. You can be certain that the bodywork is going to be protected allover. And, for anything that does get on the surface of the coating can be easily cleaned off, maintaining a great aesthetic beneath.

Maximize Longevity and Minimize Maintenance
All in all, by choosing to have our premium ceramic coating applied to your car’s exterior, you can be certain of two things. Overall, the longevity of your car’s surface is going to be greatly increased. The entire surface will be kept in the best state for much longer, meaning that you can enjoy the great quality for many years into the future. At the same time, when you do find dirt or any other blemishes on the coating, it can be very easily washed away, as the material is so low maintenance.

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